Accessories for Standard Kuhnke Valves

This 8 page datasheet includes new and replacement coils for Kuhnke's standard valve range, electrical connectors, luminous seals, and manifolds.

Pneumatic Operator, Compact Design Standard Solenoid Coils
Standard coils fit all general purpose solenoid valves, except ISO valves with CNOMO air pilots. Coils are encapsulated to keep out water, oil and other contaminants providing splash proof protection when used with sockets below. The 3-prong plug includes a ground connection for the coil frame. Terminals can also be connected using crimp-on wire terminals with a ¼” spade dimension. Coil power consumption: AC (60Hz) is 3.5VA, DC is 2.5 W.

Pneumatic Operator, Spool Design Electrical Connectors
Plug in sockets are constructed of a flame resistant, black molded material and include a sealing ring which provides splash proof protection (NEMA 12, IP65). The socket has screw terminals for a maximum wire size of No. 12 stranded (.75mm²). Maximum cable size for sealing ring is 5/16 inch.