Rotary Solenoids

Kuhnke manufacture a wide range of rotary solenoids. There is a selection of standard designs to choose from, or Kuhnke will manufacture a purpose built solenoid for a customers own application.

Selection depends on the activation and return forces needed, the degree and direction of rotation, operating voltage, duty cycle etc etc. The combination of variants provides a very large number of standard possibilities, with each solenoid effectively custom built, at competitive prices.

The technology of the rotary solenoid is more advanced than that used in simple linear devices. Kuhnke production and development is backed by in-house technical research on magnetic fields, specialist applications and tooling.


D Series

D Series Kuhnke rotary solenoids are unique and do not use linear movement. They are ideal for use in specialist applications where precise position and speed are paramount. Torques are from 0.06Ncm ...

E Series

E Series The square shape of the E series allows more iron mass to achieve higher torque levels than the compact D series. Speeds approx faster than D. Torques are from 0.2Ncm - 450Ncm. Operating spee...

UD Series

UD Series These 2 direction rotary solenoids are based upon 3 sizes of the standard single direction D series. Each is available with standard or through shaft, clockwise and anti-clockwise rotat...


AccessoriesThese sockets, and the silicon bridge rectifier are for use with all Kuhnke rotary solenoids that are fitted with plug connections (as opposed to flying leads).