Solenoid Applications

Below are some examples of our customised developments in solenoid technology.

Linear Solenoid Linear solenoid HS7389 for electromechanical steering wheel locks
The currentless linear solenoid secures the unlocked position of a bolt in an electromechanical steering wheel lock when the vehicle is in motion.
When the engine is switched off the solenoid is activated and the bolt unlocked.
Heavy-duty Solenoid Heavy-duty solenoid RM08-HS2899/1 for ignition locks
KeylessGO applications (ignition lock).
The linear solenoid releases the start button. Compact, fully encapsulated design.
Special materials for high corrosion protection are used.
Steering Wheel Lock Steering wheel lock with HS7337
When actuated, the solenoid releases a bolt for a steering wheel lock.
When currentless, the pusher is held in the home position with a return spring. In released condition a micro switch for position recognition is activated.
Transmission selector lever Solenoid HS 7463 for transmission selector levers
Linear solenoid for locking transmission selector levers of automatic gearboxes in luxury cars.
Low-noise at high ambient temperatures.
Rotation lock HS 2293 Rotation lock HS 2293
The currentless linear solenoid locks the rotation of the radial cam at 25° (the ignition key can thus no longer be turned).
The linear solenoid's armature is pushed back by the return spring and the pusher prevents further turning of the radial cam. When the solenoid is activated the radial cam is released.
Linear Solenoid Linear Solenoid
Solenoid actuator to unlock headrests in passenger cars.
Short switching times even under high thermal load.
Locking Solenoid Locking Solenoid
The solenoid mechanically secures the electric steering wheel lock's locking disk after release of the steering mechanism.
A sensor adapted to the solenoid (Hall sensor) detects the fastening of the locking disk. Another Hall sensor with identical switching point, yet operating independently from the first, activates the "immobilizer control".
Locking Solenoid Locking Solenoid
Transmission selector lever lock for automatic gearboxes.
Cutout blade solenoid system with geometric adjustment to given installation methods. Absorbtion of high shear forces at low power input.