General Solenoids

The applications for solenoids are vast, and most frequently call for a simple linear device that will provide the maximum electro-mechanical force with the minimum power.

Kuhnke solenoid design and manufacture is backed by our own in house technical research and development teams. We also have our own tooling department which is available as a stand alone service.

Kuhnke solenoids can be specially finished, and the shafts specially prepared with threads or flats to your own requirments.

For heavier duty linear applications including fully encapsulated coils, please see our pages describing Heavy Duty V and Heavy Duty RM solenoids.


General Range (H)

The Kuhnke core range is known as H with HM, HU, HR, HL, and H models. There are pull, thrust and two directional versions, all open frame and suitable for integration into customers own devices. T...