Manual/Mechanical Operated Valves

Kuhnke manufactures a wide range of miniature valves to suit specific application requirements. Operator types include plungers, roller levers, pushbuttons, joystick, roller ball designs as well as air bleed and air pressure assisted versions. All valves are compact for easy mounting in tight spaces.

Among the valve families are the Series 72 micro valve, made of molded material and approximately the size of an electrical micro switch. These valves use an air bleed system to achieve low actuation forces.

Series 74 general purpose valves are compact units constructed of a zinc alloy housing with a maximum operating pressure of 175 PSI. Valves are less than 1 inch square.

Series 46 Brass valves are a rugged 3 way poppet design machined from a brass hex bar and can be used for normally open, normally closed or diverter functions.

Series 79, 81 and 84 steel spool valves are long life devices, several with internal air piloted systems that yield low operating forces. Unique amplifier and pulse shaping versions are also included for special applications.

A selection of pneumatically operated spool valves is also available in both 10-32 (M5) and 1/8 ports.


Mechanically Operated Micro Valves

The Series 72 micro air valve was developed as a low cost, reliable signal element for mounting in confined spaces. The valve has an air assisted servo plunger design providing a low actuation forc...

Modular Poppet Valves 3 Way

Modular Poppet Valves 3 Way Series 74 valves feature a space saving modular design.Valve bodies take up less than one cubic inch of space and are constructed of a rugged zinc ...

Brass 3 Way Valves

Brass 3 Way Valves The Series 46 valve is a rugged general purpose 2 or 3 way device. The valve series is available with 7 types of mechanical actuators and 2 types with p...

Steel Spool Valves 3 / 4 Way

Steel Spool Valves 3 / 4 Way Series 79, 81 and 84 mechanically operated spool valves are constructed of precision lapped steel spools and sleeves. Series 79 is a 3 way valve; ...

Pneumatically Operated Valves

Pneumatically Operated Valves Series 79, 81 and 84 pneumatically operated spool valves are constructed of precision lapped steel spools and sleeves. Valves are available for ...


Accessories Small range of accessories for the above valves. Including mounting brackets, air bleed hoses and push buttons.