Electrically Operated

Kuhnke Series 75/76 Solenoid operated valves satisfy most pneumatic system design requirements. Valves use an air piloted solenoid system complete with a red manual over ride lever for testing circuits. Air pilots are standard throughout the line. Coil systems consume only 2.5 watts of power and operate in 15-20 ms making the valve line compatible with most electronic controller outputs.

Valves are available in 3 or 4 way designs, 2 or 3 position, 1/8 to 1/2 inch porting and with single or double solenoid operators. Most valve types have optional units with external air pilots for switching low air pressure supplies including vacuum. Specialty valves include Flip-Flop as well as oscillator designs.

Valves can be either spool or poppet design depending on preference and are available both in flat mounting designs as well as in line mounting types which can also be manifold mounted. Valve bodies are die cast and machined aluminum with porting in either NPT or Metric threads to meet connection preferences.


3 Way Solenoid Valves

3 Way Solenoid ValvesThree way poppet design valves are solenoid operated, air pilot assisted. Valves include a red manual override lever for easy testing of pneumatic circuits. Coils are encapsulated...

Directional Control Valves (4 Way), Solenoid Operated (In Line Mounting)

Directional Control Valves (4 Way), Solenoid Operated (In Line Mounting)Solenoid operated, air piloted poppet valves are available in single, double, priority and external air pilot supply versions. P...

Directional Control Valves (4 Way), Solenoid Operated (Flat Mounting)

Directional Control Valves (4 Way), Solenoid Operated (Flat Mounting)Valves have the same features as In-Line Directional Control valves, but are designed for mounting on flat surfaces.

3 Position Valves (4 Way), Solenoid Operated

3 Position Valves (4 Way), Solenoid OperatedThree position valves can be used to position cylinder piston rods orswitch air supplies to alternate devices. Flat mounted spool valves are available in 2 ...

Solenoid Operated Flip Flop Valve

Solenoid Operated Flip Flop ValveThe Monostable Flip-Flop valve provides a 4 way switched output from an electrical pulse signal of at least 300 ms in length. When the solenoid is energized, the valve...

Solenoid Operated Oscillator Valve

Solenoid Operated Oscillator ValveValve can be used to oscillate a double acting cylinder. Applications include mixing, stirring or sawing devices where time critical cycling is not required. While th...