1) What voltages are available?

Although 24VDC is the most frequently requested we do manufacture a full range of DC voltage and AC is possible using a silicon bridge rectifier.

2) Can the solenoid push, or pull?

The majority of types feature either a push version or a pull version. For some a push/pull type is available.

3) Is it available with a return spring?

All rotary solenoids are available with a return spring. The HL series linear solenoids also can be obtained with an internal return spring.

4) What effects do differing duty cycles have?

100% allows the coil to be continuously energised. Below 100% restricts the time a coil can be energised but it does increase the force output.

5) How fast will a solenoid operate / cycle?

6) How do force and stroke affect each other?

7) Can the mounting and plunger be varied from standard?

8) What is the standard surface finish and can it be varied?

10) Can more force or speed be achieved from the standard coil?

11) Can the coils be encapsulated?

12) Can the solenoids be operated from an AC power source?