Miniature Fittings

A complete line of miniature brass fittings and quick couplings are available to complete pneumatic connections. Accessories including silencers, volumes, adapters, tubing cutters and racks are listed. Brass fittings include units for connections to M5 and G 1/8 ports in various configurations. Instant push in fittings are available also in metric port sizes.


Miniature Metric Brass Fittings

Kuhnke series 50 brass metric sized fittings provide a full family of connectors for most applications in miniature pneumatics. Machined from solid brass stock, fittings are dependable, easy to ins...

4mm Instant push-in Fittings

Instant push-in fittings for 4mm (5/32") O.D Tubing. Kuhnke series 52 provide a fast means of connecting pneumatic systems. Air connections are made by pushing tubing into fitting. Removal of ...

6mm Instant push-in Fittings

Instant push-in fittings for 6mm (1/8") O.D Tubing. Kuhnke series 56 are constructed the same as series 52 except have molded collars, and accept 1/8 inch (6mm) tubing.

Brass Quick Connect Couplings

Kuhnke series 50 Quick Connect Couplings. A range of high quality positive acting miniature couplings. Choose from a range of M5 ported bodies in different colors to connect to a selection of 4 con...


Series 50 accessories include exhaust silencer, spare seals for fittings, brass adapters, tube rack, time delay volumes and tube cutter.