Electronic Interface Valves

Today's pneumatic applications are frequently controlled directly by computers. Kuhnke offer complete flexibility with pneumatic valves that can be directly connected to the outputs of PLC's. Choose from simple valve islands to hardwire, from pre-wired assemblies with a single (sub-D) connector, or use Kuhnke's fieldbus valve islands which are PLC slaves in their own right. Kuhnke Airbox is a unique device for AS-Interface technology, it combines digital outputs with pneumatics and includes digital imputs too.

vi Valve Islands
Choose from 2 sizes of valve, either 15mm or 18mm and select 5/2 or 5/3 functions and assemble them together on a simple subplate to meet your exact requirements. Both pneumatic and solenoid valves. Standard ISO/VDMA-02 versions also available.
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 Valve Islands with Sub D Connections
The Kuhnke LPP700 valves described in the Valve Island section can be supplied with integral Sub D connectors.
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 Valve Islands with Fieldbus
Kuhnke offer pneumatic valve islands with PROFIBUS-DP and CAN Open interfaces. Instruction leaflets, GSD/ESD files and a great deal more information can be found on these pages.
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Kuhnke manufacture a special device which provides a pneumatic output from the AS-Interface low level bus system. AS-Interface networks can connect directly to PROFIBUS and DeviceNet if needed.
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