Kuhnke PLC's divide into 6 families summarised below. You may need information on our latest products, or technical help with the operation of older Kuhnke PLC's

Please note these series are obsolete.

The product information and datasheets shown on these pages are for obsolete products and should be used only as an aid in re-design or re-engineering.

PROFIBUS FMS or DP Master ISA and PCI cards for use in your PC. Kuhnke 645 range includes an external version.
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667 667
Kuhnke's basic PLC range 8I/8O, 16I/16O or 32I/32O
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 680 Series
Kuhnke's core PROFIBUS PLC range. PROFIBUS DP Master. Customised build using a mid-range base plate and plug on modules.
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Latest compact and modular PLC. From 16 to 128 I/O, expandable. Suitable for CANopen and PROFIBUS DP.
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A range of IP65 8I/8O PLC's designed for CANopen, and Kuhnke special pneumatic controls such as SPEEDy
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653 & 657 Series
Older Kuhnke rack style PLC's. A wide range of replacement cards are available as spares. These include memory modules, power supplies, watchdogs, digital and analogue I/O cards and networking cards.
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Kuhnke offer visualisation hardware and software for machines and processes. The range extends from basic two line, 40 character dialogue terminals (KDT622) to full PLC control and display terminals (KDT680CT). Graphic displays are available using Kuhnke KDT634 & KTD637.
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