Pneumatically Operated Valves

Pneumatically operated valves are available in both spool and poppet designs from 1/8 to 1/2 inch porting, 3 or 4 way, and in 2 or 3 position versions. Variations include single or double air piloted, double acting with priority port, specialty flip-flop and oscillating valves as well as a group of 3 way poppet valves for vacuum use.

Kuhnke’s Series 75/76 valves are constructed from aluminum or zinc die cast and machined bodies to provide reliable service. Valves with both NPT and Metric threads are available to satisfy international standards requirements.

Pneumatic Operator, Compact Design Pneumatic Operator, 3 Way, Compact Design
Compact design provides a simple solution for air piloted 3 way valve requirements. These poppet design valves are body mounted, have 1/8 ports and require 50 PSI control pressure to operate.

Pneumatic Operator, Spool Design Pneumatic Operator, 3 Way, Spool Design
Direct acting pneumatic operated spool valves are available with single, double or with priority actuators. Priority ports override signals from opposite pilot operator to ensure positive return to home position. Minimum pilot pressure 35 PSI.

Pneumatic Operator, Poppet Design Pneumatic Operator, 3 Way, Poppet Design
Three way pneumatically operated poppet valves provide high flow rates in a basic valve design. Available up to 1/2 ported sizes in normally closed and normally open versions. Pilot ports are 1/8 inch and require a minimum of 35 PSI to operate.

Directional Control Valve Directional Control Valves, (4 Way), Pneumatic Actuation
Pneumatically operated poppet valves are available in single,double or with priority port actuators. The priority port design overrides the signal from the opposite pilot operator to insure return to home position. Poppet valves rely on O rings and gaskets to seal passageways within the valve and generally offer higher flow rates than other types of valves. These valves are available in port sizes of 1/8, 1/4 and 1/2. Pilot ports are 1/8 for all size valves and require minimum of 35 PSI operating pressure. Single air pilot valves have an air supported spring return and require a pilot pressure equal to or greater than the air supply pressure at port 1. Valves can be mounted using through body holes or assembled on manifolds.

Pneumatic Actuation 3 Position Valves, (4 Way), Pneumatic Actuation
Three position spool valves are used mostly to position cylinders. Valves with all ports open in the center position allow the cylinder piston rod to move freely, while valves with all ports closed in the center position will hold the cylinder in the desired position when no pilot pressure is present. A third type keeps line pressure on both sides of the cylinder piston. Pneumatically actuated spool valves are available in 1/8 and 1/4 port sizes and require a minimum of 35 PSI operating pressure. Valves can be mounted with through body holes or assembled on manifolds.

Flip Flop Valve Flip Flop Valve, Pneumatic Actuation
The Monostable Flip-Flop valve provides a 4 way switched output from an air pilot pulse signal of at least 300 ms in length. A pilot pressure is applied to the control port changing the valve output position. The output valve maintains position until the next pilot pulse signal is applied. The control pilot signal must be greater than 50% of the switched line pressure. Minimum operating pressure 35 PSI.

Oscillator Valve Oscillator Valve, Pneumatic Actuation
Valve can be used to oscillate a double acting cylinder. Applications include mixing, stirring or sawing devices where time critical cycling is not required. A pneumatic control signal applied to the control port starts valve oscillating. Speed is dependent on connected volume and line pressure, and can be controlled by the addition of flow control valves on the cylinder input ports. Typical speed is 16 cycles per minute at 90 PSI.